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Meet the Artist – Purely Posh Soap Co

Have you ever walked into a store to buy something and thought to yourself…“I wonder who made this?” From time-to-time we may make a conscience effort of doing this, but if we’re being honest, for most of us (myself included) we buy things out of ease, comfort, price-point, without ever really stopping to think about the person or the process behind that product. And most times, can we really do that?  Mass-produced items from foreign countries (and American companies) line the shelves of our favorite stores and if we’re not intentional seekers and purchasers, we miss out on the beautifully unique, one-of-a-kind treasures of the local, small business community of artists, designers, makers and crafters right around the corner.

And that is what Handmade Hive is all about…Supporting the small business community of local artists, designers, makers, and crafters by promoting their handcrafted goods and their handmade process so you get to experience deeper connections with these creative entrepreneurs!

In these next installments of Meet the Artists, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce you to the artists and small businesses that we’re featuring in our Handmade Hive monthly subscription boxes.

If you’re not familiar with them yet, our Handmade Hive subscription boxes are a unique monthly lifestyle box that curates a variety of locally-sourced handmade items from artists and small businesses around the country.

Each month, the contents of the box will be a surprise to you, but they will center on a specific theme and contain a piece for YOUR HOME, YOURSELF, YOUR WARDROBE or YOUR STYLE. The primary emphasis of what you’ll find from month-to-month will be items in art, personal-care products, stationery, home goods, edible treats and so much more. Our goal is to help you experience deeper connections with the small-business community of artists, designers and makers while also making a difference in the world around us.

January’s box is all about starting off the New Year by renewing, rejuvenating and pampering yourself by taking a bath, soaking your feet or sitting back, relaxing and enjoying a nice hot cup of organic hand-blended tea.

Up first is Brittney Waterhouse from Purely Posh Soap Company!  I found out about Brittney through the amazing online community over at “The Hive Handmade” (not to be confused with “Handmade Hive”) and I’m so thankful that I did.  Brittney is from Seattle Washington and her Bergamot Grapefruit Whipped Sugar Scrub and Vanilla Coconut Bath Soak are exclusively featured in January’s box.  (I’m actually sitting here smelling the sugar scrub as I type and it’s so fresh and uplifting, especially on this rainy, overcast day here in Pennsylvania.)


Let’s meet Brittney:


Brittney is a Mental Health Counselor by day for the YMCA in one of their crisis programs (which she LOVES) and a soap maker by night.  Her business, Purely Posh Soap Company, started as a way for Brittney and her sister to spend more time together doing something creative that they both loved.  As time went on, her sister mostly phased herself out of the business, but Brittney continued to plug along.  This business provides a much needed creative and tangible outlet for Brittney and even though Purely Posh hasn’t even been open a year yet, it has blossomed into something she is very passionate about!

Brittney says of her business that she’s still “very much developing it when it comes to this being a career, but one day I would love to see my little handmade home business flourish into a brick and mortar store! I would love to have a few employees and be able to share my passion with those people every day!”

Her business specialty is that all of her products are 100% natural and more than 90% of her products are vegan. The only non-vegan ingredients she uses in her products are local honey and sustainable beeswax.  “It is very important to me that my products be free of animal products as well as animal cruelty so I carefully source all of my ingredients.”


“My inspiration comes from my failures to be honest. I am always trying different techniques with soap making and more often than not they don’t turn out the way I was expecting. That is where I learn that even though the end result isn’t perfect that it still turned out amazing. And to me, that’s what doing things “Handmade” is all about:  that an individual who is passionate about the work being done has had a stake in every part of the production process and that I can do everything on my own terms.

I can explore areas that I want to explore and create a mission to stand by in my business that is important to me as a person. My work is a direct reflection of me as a person and that each new handmade item not only teaches me more about how to be an artist, it teaches me something about who I am as a person.”

That’s also why Brittney loves getting out and doing local markets and meeting fellow small business owners because that is where she finds her inspiration.


“I think it is very important to support the local community because makers pour their heart and soul into what they do.  They often, like myself, work a full-time job during the day and come home to work on their passions…often “working” much more than 40 hours a week.  It doesn’t matter to us though because we honestly love what we do!  Unlike a large scale company, the individual business owner of a small business can create their products with their own hands and perfect them themselves.  Buying handmade is bringing a reflection of the person you are buying the product from home with you or giving to someone else as a gift.  In turn, I can guarantee the product is coming from an individual who actually wants to make their customer happy and is thinking about that customer every step of the way.”

In addition to bath soaps and sugar scrubs, Brittney also makes body butter and lotion, soaps, lip balms and scrubs and her products are primarily sold online through her Esty shop: PurelyPoshSoapCo and at local craft markets in the Seattle area.

photos courtesy of Purely Posh Soap Co

Her two products, Bergamot Grapefruit Whipped Sugar Scrub and Vanilla Coconut Bath Soak – are exclusively featured (meaning you can’t find them anywhere else…so get them before their gone) in our January subscription box. These, along with most of the other individual items in our box can be purchased online through Handmade Hive’s Online Marketplace in one of two ways.

Monthly subscribers have the benefit of being able to purchase products, while supplies last, from each month’s box at a 10% discount before the 20th of each month.

After the 20th of each month, the products will be available for anyone to purchase at full retail until supplies last.

These options allow for you to purchase more products for yourself before you run out and/or purchase more products to give as a gift!!

We have single box and monthly subscription purchase options available and if you use coupon code: PAMPER, you’ll get 50% off your first box, upon subscription!

January’s box retails for $62, so with 50% off, you’ll get all of these beautiful handmade goodies for $22.50!  You can’t beat that!!

So…How About You??  Have you purchased from Brittney before or seen her in action at one of her local market?  What’s your favorite product and why?  Give her some love in the comment section below.

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Be sure to follow our blog, as well as our Facebook page so you don’t miss out on any of these features.  Our next installment is going to be about my new favorite organic, hand-blended tea company – Plum Deluxe and the founder, Andy Hayes, where they are well know for their tea of the month club and my favorite slogan…Making Moments That Matter!!

Until next time –


Courtney @ Handmade Hive



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