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On starting a family business…

Mom…do you want to see this?  Mom…this is crazy…you’ve got to see this?  Mom…do you want to see me jump?  Mom…watch this jump!  Mom…Neva’s drinking water out of the toilet!  Mom…I don’t want blueberries, I want strawberries!  Mom…I don’t want strawberries, I want blueberries!  Mom…can I have a snack?  Mom…Neva’s drinking water out of the Christmas tree!  Mom…Isaiah’s crying!  Mom…what’s this called?  Mom…how does this work?  Mom…no that’s not how it works…let me show you!  Mom…do you see that airplane?


It’s nap time and as I sit here and recall all of the types of conversations that I have on any given day with my 2 year old and think about the seeming insanity of developing a new business idea (while also working 30 hours a week outside of the home) in the midst of this crazy season of life…I’m reminded by the tea that I’m drinking from a fellow small business owner to “slow down and make moments that matter“.


I’m encouraged and strengthened in my resolve for the future of our business as I sit here and read the stories of the small business owners from around the country that we feature in our Monthly Subscription Boxes and in our Meet the Artist blog posts.


I’m inspired by the uniqueness of each end result, but also the sameness of their journeys…their determination, steadfastness, hard-work and love for what they are bringing to their community.

I’m so thankful to be a part of that journey and share those products and their stories with you…my community!



One day my husband and I will look back with longing in our hearts for these little conversations to replay themselves again, and say to ourselves…those were the days!!  But for now, I’ll take them as the come, sip my tea (or coffee on those really hard days) and be an example to our boys of hard-work, steadfastness, determination and love for what we are bringing to our community!

But most importantly, as 1 Corinthians 10:31 states, teach them that “…whatever you do, do all to the glory of God!”

Until next time, don’t forgot to slow down and make your own moments that matter!




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