Meet the Artist – Bread Box & Bakery

I was first introduced to the Bread Box & Bakery through ice cream!!  They don’t sell ice cream at the bakery, but this past summer, my family frequented (maybe because I was pregnant…just sayin’) one of our favorite local ice cream shops in Ottsville, PA called O Wow Cow! (If you live anywhere near this place, it’s a MUST stop)  My husband and I LOVE ice cream sandwiches.  Actually so much so that my husband usually asks for us to make “chip-wiches” – an ice cream sandwich made out of chocolate chip cookies – for his birthday every year.  On one occasion while waiting in line, we noticed they had “chip-wiches” in the freezer, we bought 2 and were hooked.

Side note about O Wow Cow…where do I start??? Ice cream made daily…from scratch, unique flavors and combinations, locally sourced ingredients!  We wanted to include them in our subscription box, but one of the downfalls of ice cream…it doesn’t ship well!  But they did put us in touch with Ryman and we couldn’t resist pampering you by putting 2 of those delicious chocolate chip cookies in our January Subscription box!!


Let’s meet J. Ryman Maxwell and The Bread Box & Bakery:


When the 2008 recession hit, Ryman did what most people would never dream of doing…he started a business.  Something was missing in Perkasie, PA…a local eatery that had a diverse selection of high-quality, tasty food made from organic, locally-sourced ingredients.  So he went all in financially, rolled up his sleeves and with a lot of hard work, a deep drive for success and an unwillingness to accept failure, that hole was filled in 2009 when Down to Earth Café was opened!  As stated on their website, Down to Earth Café provides an “earth-conscious, locavore mission in every plate.” With its walls decorated with local art and hand carved furniture from local wood, it all comes together to create an ambiance that “truly down to earth!”

When looking for high-quality artisan breads for the café that were made from locally-sourced ingredients and not being able to find them, Ryman went back to what he knew and filled the hole by fixing it himself and in 2014, Bread Box & Bakery…Bucks County’s ONLY Community Supported Bakery…was born!


For those of you who are unfamiliar with what that means, the term Community Supported Bakery is borrowed from Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and as their website describes, “this is a locally based investment system where neighbors invest in local farm at the beginning of the season in exchange for a share of the farm’s produce.  In our CSB partnership, consumers purchase a ‘bakery share’ – a weekly pick up of quality pastries, breads and desserts.”  You can read more about the bread flour that they use at Bread Basket & Bakery by visiting their website or by clicking here.

Both of these businesses have a strong connection to the Greater Perkasie area community and that’s not by accident.  Ryman’s desire to stay invested in his local community and their customer base are two of his biggest passions and in addition to his family, they have been most influential in his career.  Staying invested means that through both the Bakery and Café he can provide jobs, as well as be a resource in the community.  Being “Community-Supported” also means that he’d like to keep his focus on growing in their current location and believes that the future possibilities for the bakery and developing new and more products are endless!


So what’s one thing you wish people knew about “the handmade life” as it pertains to the bakery and baked goods?

“Expect to find something unique and different every time, while still maintaining the same flavorful taste.  When things are made by hand, especially the way we do it…don’t expect to find “cookie-cutter” products.  Size and shape may vary and there may be some slight “imperfections”, but it’s those imperfections that prove that creating something by hand and that a real person took the time to make it.

That’s what I love about my staff…they do a great job in their craft and I’m proud to provide the canvas for them to execute their skills and let their creativity shine through!  I stick by the motto of surrounding myself with people who are smarter than me and have great passion for what they do and then I go let them do it!

You can currently find the Bread Box & Bakery products in places like Kimberton Whole Foods in Ottsville, PA and Henning’s Market in Harleysville, PA as well as home delivery companies like Door to Door Organics and Locavore At Your Door!

To wrap things up, I like to always ask the small businesses we feature what they would like people to know about why it’s important to support the local community and local artists and this is what Ryman had to say:

“When you support local businesses you show that you take pride in your community.  There’s nothing like walking into a store and personally knowing the person behind the counter by name and getting to know who they are.  It’s that kind of thing that helps to build a strong network and help me to stay invested in my community!”

We are so thankful to have the opportunity to get to know Ryman and be able to share these delicious chocolate chip cookies in our subscription box.

While the cookies aren’t something we are selling as individual products on our website, for monthly subscribers you do have the opportunity to purchase the other products in the box, while supplies last at a 10% discount before the 20th of each month.

After the 20th of each month, the products will be available for anyone to purchase at full retail until supplies last.

These options allow for you to purchase more products for yourself before you run out, share with your friends or give as a gift to someone you love!!

We have single box and monthly subscription purchase options available and if you use coupon code: PAMPER, you’ll get your first box at 50% off, upon subscription (does not apply to single box or individual item purchases).

So…How About You??  Have you purchased from Bread Box & Bakery before?  What’s your bakery treat?  Give them some love in the comment section below.

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