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How a subscription box helps change lives

There are A LOT of subscription boxes out there.  I didn’t realize the span and scope of subscription boxes available until we recently launched our own Handmade Hive Monthly Subscription Box service.  There are subscription box registries online and there are bloggers and You-Tuber’s who review boxes (you can check out some of our reviews by clicking HERE and HERE and HERE) so you can “try them” before you buy them.  One website has over 1,500 boxes for you to search from!!

You name it and there’s most likely a box out there for you…reading, sewing, cooking, crafting, books, science kits, garden kits, clothing, boxes for men, boxes for women, boxes full of meat, boxes for vegans, candles and the list goes on and on.  It’s pretty impressive!

Subscription boxes are great because they are like the gift that keeps on giving.  Every month, you get something delivered right to your door…in some cases it’s a surprise from month to month and for others, you know exactly what you’re going to get.

So in a market that seems already pretty saturated…YUP!  We did it!  We started our own box.  Crazy, right??

You probably have some questions, like: Why would you do that? or What makes your box different?

I’m glad you asked!  I have 2 reasons for you:

1 – We LOVE small businesses!  We’re a small business that’s supporting other small businesses. Our mission each month is to curate a variety of handmade products in our box from artists and makers from around the country and help you experience deeper connections with these small businesses by sharing their stories with you. We don’t want you to just make a purchase or just have another thing. When you use the soap in our January box from A Natural Alternative or hand salve from Ava & Snow or bath soak from Purely Posh or eat the cookies from Bread Box & Bakery or drink the tea from Plum Deluxe or check the date on the desk calendar from Favorite Story, we want you to know that there’s an actual person who made that product.  Someone’s creativity was sparked and their hands created what you now hold in your hands.  As one of the artists said…you’re bringing a piece of that person into your home.  There’s a name…there’s a face…there’s a story!

You can read those stories by clicking on our Meet The Artist section!


2 – We have a passion for giving back to organizations that help the victims of human sex trafficking and that raise awareness for this form of modern day slavery.  Sex trafficking is the second largest criminal activity in the WORLD and reports a profit of 32 billion dollar a year!!  That’s a staggering amount of money.  It’s sobering to think that the average age of entry is 12-14 years old and 85% of prostitution is pimp dominated.

I was 15 when my first pimp approached me. He bought me clothes and food.  He promised me the world, and said I had nothing to worry about, that he would take care of me.  I ended up on a street corner in Allentown working for him.

Sex Trafficking Victim Survivor

Allentown, PA

from the VAST (Valley Against Sex Trafficking) website

It’s not only happening in some far off corner of the world that you or I will never visit.  It’s happening in our…yours and mine…local towns and cities and together we can help fight this war for those who cannot fight for them selves.


That’s why we donate a portion of each subscription to organizations that help survivors of sex trafficking through a number of ways like raising awareness and providing training for recognizing the signs of trafficking, passing laws that protect the victims and provide care and support for the victims! Not only do we donate from our subscriptions, but we also donate a portion of every sale on our website.

For the months of January, February and March the organization we’re supporting is called the Truth Home.  The Truth Home is a therapeutic residential home that helps to restore hope after sexual exploitation and together with VAST and Truth for Women Ministries, they are are making a difference in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas!

Here’s a recent story of their work in action: 19 Arrested in Prostitution Sting

So, we’ve got some big goals ahead and we need your help!  Each month your subscription helps us help small businesses.  Each month your subscription helps us help change lives.  Each month, you’re not just making a purchase, you’re making a difference!

image courtesy of VAST


We have two coupon options for you that are good until the end of day tomorrow – Friday January 20th.  Monthly subscriptions are $44.99 plus $9.99 shipping and you can use coupon code PAMPER for 50% off your first box, upon subscription OR use coupon code FORLIFE, upon subscription, and receive 10% off your monthly subscription fee for the life of your subscription until you cancel.

Until next time –



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