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Meet The Artist – Farmstead Apothecary

Have you ever walked into a store to buy something and thought to yourself…“I wonder who made this?” From time-to-time we may make a conscience effort of doing this, but if we’re being honest, for most of us (myself included) we buy things out of ease, comfort, price-point, without ever really stopping to think about the person or the process behind that product.

Mass-produced items line the shelves of stores and if we’re not intentional seekers and purchasers, we miss out on the beautifully unique, one-of-a-kind treasures of the local, small business community of artists, designers and makers right around the corner.

And that is what Handmade Hive is all about…Supporting the small business community of local artists, designers, makers, and crafters by promoting their handcrafted goods and their handmade process so you get to experience deeper connections with these creative entrepreneurs!

Our Handmade Hive Subscription Boxes are a unique monthly lifestyle box that curates a variety of locally-sourced handmade items from artists and small businesses from around the country.

Each month, the contents of the box will be a surprise to you, but they will center on a specific theme and contain a piece for YOUR HOME, YOURSELF, YOUR WARDROBE or YOUR STYLE. The primary emphasis of what you’ll find from month-to-month will be items in art, personal-care products, stationery, home goods, edible treats and so much more. Our goal is to help you experience deeper connections with the small-business community of artists, designers and makers while also making a difference in the world around us.

For the month of February we wanted to love on you and our theme is “Love is in the Air”.

Contents of our February box

The first business we’re introducing you to this month is Farmstead Apothecary and we included their Citrus Rose Body Butter.  This body butter is thick and creamy, not overly scented (because it’s scented with REAL fruit, not artificial fragrances), is ideal for cold winter days to protect your skin from the harsh dry air!


Let’s meet Lauren and Farmstead Apothecary:


“My name is Lauren and I attended school at Le Cordon Bleu in London for French Pastry. Part of my coursework was the chemistry of baking, where I learned to understand each ingredient on a molecular level, how it interacts with other ingredients, and to build recipes from scratch.

Lauren and Randy (image courtesy of Farmstead Apothecary)

Out of concern for my family’s health and a growing frustration with synthetic and expensive natural products, I started using my education to formulate skin care to rid my home of anything with questionable ingredients.  Since all of the ingredients in our products are natural, making skin care came naturally to me.

Farmstead Apothecary Products Are:

Scented with real organic fruit

Vegan (with the exception of the lip balms)

Certified Cruelty Free

Natural & Organic or Non-GMO

Uncomplicated – The most ingredients they use are 8

When the time came for us to name our business, we knew we wanted to choose something that conveyed what we were doing before anyone even had to ask.  Farmstead Apothecary definitely resonates with our customers!

Our name also truly speaks to what my husband and I do in the daily tasks of business.  I specialize in the chemistry and formulation. We formulate, mix, bottle and label. We do accounting, sell at markets, do PR, you name it…we do it!

image courtesy of Farmstead Apothecary

Even though my husband Randy and I wear all hats, he has an IT background and handles lots of technical jobs, while I tend to use my science background. We touch every single product and handle it with love so you know what you’re using was very well cared after and made with love.

And to us that’s what “handmade” means – It means doing everything. From designing labels, to formulating, to mixing ingredients, and delivering a package. That’s where we’re at now and we love it!  This business gives us a true creative outlet that’s dynamic and it really feeds the soul.

image courtesy of Farmstead Apothecary

As we continue to grow and expand our business, my goal for the future is to reach more homes and educate more people on the toxins that are in our current society.

People can find our products online, in stores, including small shops as well as Whole Foods Market, and at farmer’s market and local fairs.”

image courtesy of Farmstead Apothecary

Where does your inspiration come from? My inspiration comes from 2 things: The love I have for my family and their health, and nature.

Who or what has been most influential in your career? A person? A book? A life experience? The most influential people have been no one of any fame. Instead it has been the ones who have always showed me and others kindness.

If you could spend time with an influential designer/artist, who would it be? Frank Lloyd Wright has always been a huge influence of mine since I was a little girl

What is one thing you wish people knew about “the handmade life”? I hope people realize how much love and care go into every single item.

What would you like people to know about why it’s important to support the local community and local artists? Our local communities and artists fuel a great deal of our economy. Supporting them is synonymous with taking care of the home you live in, in my opinion.


Thank you Lauren and Randy!

We have so much in store for you as we introduce some more businesses to you throughout the month!  Up next is Jessica Hamel from FROST’D – the first ever and ONLY coconut oil snack frosting!

As a reminder, our monthly subscribers have the benefit of being able to purchase products, while supplies last, from each month’s box at a 10% discount before the 20th of each month.

After the 20th of each month, the products will be available for anyone to purchase at full retail until supplies last.

These options allow for you to purchase more products for yourself before you run out and/or purchase more products to give as a gift!!

We have single box and monthly subscription purchase options available and if you use coupon code: SWEETTREAT, you’ll get 25% off your first box, upon subscription and there’s FREE SHIPPING on our boxes in February!

February’s box retails for $75, so with 25% off, you’ll get all of these beautiful handmade goodies for $33.50!  You can’t beat that!!

Be sure to follow our blog, as well as our Facebook page so you don’t miss out on any of these features.

Until next time –

Courtney and the Handmade Hive Crew



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