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Meet The Artist – Cafe Emporos

One of the best parts about doing what we do with our monthly boxes is being able to discover unique products to share with our subscribers every month.  One such product is the hand drip coffee satchel from Cafe Emporos!  This is such a fantastic product!


Throw a few in your purse or bag for coffee on the go or take a bunch to work and keep them in your desk or break room for your mid-morning (or afternoon) coffee fix.  You can buy them with coffee (from a local Arizonian coffee roaster – Xanadau Coffee) included or without coffee for you to add your own. Watch this short video clip to see how easy it is to use these satchels.

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Before we begin, just need to let you know – this post does not include affiliate links.  Pictures are courtesy of Cafe Emporos.

Let’s meet Ruben the maker behind the hand drip coffee satchel at Cafe Emporos:


Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Ruben Trujillo my business is Café Emporos. I am an online business that makes and distributes hand drip coffee satchels. When I was unable to find work back in 2010 I decided to move to South Korea to become an English teacher. Little did I know that the boom in the coffee industry in Korea over the past 5 years would fuel my passion to return to America to start my own coffee business.



Why open a store called “Café Emporos”?

‘Emporos’ is Greek for “merchant” or for someone that travels by sea or land, a journey.  I’ve done quite a bit a traveling and wanted my business to reflect that. The Café part is a bit tricky. My original plan was to open a brick and mortar café. When it became nearly impossible for me to do I had to reevaluate the direction I was going in with my business. It was on a day that I had completely let everything go in my head that the slogan “Make the world your café.” popped up in my mind. Any place can be your “café” with Café Emporos hand drip coffee satchels, good music, and some good company.


Tell us about your career –

I attended Texas A&M for International Business, later became an English teacher, then found my calling in Coffee. On paper, I’ve been all over the place. But I believe that these changes were stepping stones for where I am today and how I choose to run my business.

What is your specialty?

Telling by the number of kettles I own it is safe to say that my specialty is hand drip coffee. But with any art, there is still so much I wish to learn about hand drip coffee.


Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from a café I worked at for three years in Korea called Maywoods Coffee Co. I joined their team as an apprentice to learn about latte art. The couple who owns the café and the baristas opened an entire world to me about a beverage I thought to be so simple. This place became a second home to me while living overseas. I didn’t realize how much this place meant to me until I left. The care they put into crafting each beverage and the customer service they give to each patron is what I strive for here back in the States.


Where would you like to be in 5 years?

I haven’t completely let go of the coffee shop dream. 😉

What is the best part of being a small business owner?

I think the best part about being a business owner is seeing your thoughts become things. You have an idea and you do your best to create it.  We view products as simple objects sometimes, but don’t realize how much energy has been put into crafting certain things. It has helped me be more appreciative and selective of the products I choose to purchase.

How do you primarily sell your products?

I sell my products on my website and through an app called Treatmo.

What would you like for people to know about why it’s important to support local community and artists?

I think it is important to support local community and artists because I believe it drives the passion for others as well in said community. Personally, I have been surprised by the stories, talent, and business owners I have met in my own community.


Thank you Ruben for taking the time to share your story and your product with us.

Please take the time to visit, follow, like, share or leave a comment for Cafe Emporos on Facebook and Instagram

Have you used these hand drip coffee satchels from Cafe Emporos?  Let us know in the comment section below!





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