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The difference between a flower and a weed…


is a judgement! (Author Unknown)


This post does NOT contain affiliate links.  Dandelion image credit: Mostovyi Sergii Igorevich


If you’ve been following our Handmade Hive monthly box themes and the businesses we’ve featured you know that since January, a few of the ones we’ve featured are:

~ A Tea Tasting Flight – Self-Care Blend, Inner Calm Blend, Relaxing Spa Blend – from Plum Deluxe

~ Lavender Chamomile Tea from Teton View Lavender Farm

~ Cinnamon Basil Tea from Mustard Seed Sower Farm

~ Arise Coffee from Homestead Coffee Roasters

~ Café Emporos Coffee Satchels with Ethiopian Coffee from Xanadu Coffee Co.

Whether it’s coffee and toast in the morning or tea and toast at night, I’m a fan of both!

Recently, a friend of mine stopped by with something I had never tried before and it has been my new favorite addition to my morning or evening toast.

Dandelion Jelly!!

File May 06, 12 33 42 PM.jpeg

I’m excited to eventually try my hand at making my own batch.

I don’t really follow the growing season of the dandelion, but if I missed it, I’ll be sure to be ready for next year.

In the meantime, here’s a post I found from Montana Homesteader if you’re interested in making your own Dandelion Tea, Jelly & Syrup.




Have you made or do you plan on making* dandelion tea, jelly or syrup? I’d love to know in the comment section.  What’s your favorite recipe?

*be sure to only pick dandelion from yards that have NOT been treated with any chemical weed killers or toxic sprays!



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