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Meet The Artist – Decker Road Seeds

Handmade Hive’s May 2017 Box was all about getting “Down To Earth” with products that were inspired by nature.

Handmade Hive’s May 2017 Subscription Box Contents

And what better way to get down to earth than to get your hands into the earth by planting something…like an herb garden!

Decker Rd. Seeds is a small business based out of Philomath – a small Willamette Valley community near the Coast Range in Oregon.

We’re thankful that we had the opportunity to not only find Decker Rd. Seeds, but to also share this little piece of America with you and tell you more about their story.

Let’s meet Whitney and Decker Rd. Seeds:


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Hi, my name is Whitney, and I’m the owner of Decker Rd. Seeds!

I started Decker Rd. Seeds in 2012, and it originally began as sort of a hobby – I’m really into gardening and landscaping, and I thought it’d be cool to run my own specialty garden shop that would showcase  all my favorite gardening supplies/seeds/bulbs/ etc.

And then it just grew from there!  I had worked for a seed company for several years prior, but then moved to a small town with some acreage, and then I decided to put my gardening/seed business knowledge to good use.

I get asked a lot about where the seeds come from, so here’s the scoop:  Some of the seeds are harvested on my little 4 acre plot in Philomath, Oregon.  Others are grown by contract in Tangent, Oregon.  And some unique varieties are collected from other farms up and down the Willamette Valley.  All are non-GMO, and the majority are organic.

Fall garden is looking a little wild. #deckerrdseeds #vscocam

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My specialty right now is my seed kit collection.  I have 9 different kits, with each one containing everything you’d need to start your own little garden.  They have been extremely popular as gifts!

Just a few seed kits Decker Rd Seeds offers on their website!

The biggest influencer in my decision to start this little business, was probably my move from the big city.  I left my job, and was forced to re-think my career path.

In 5 years, I’d love it if I was to a point where I could hire a few extra helpers!  I would like to be more efficient with my day-to-day business routine.  And I would like to be more tech-savvy in 5 years in order to reach more customers.

The best part of my job is the freedom – I don’t have office hours (or an office, really), or a set schedule.  I’m the boss, so I can do whatever I want!  And I like the fact that I have control over the direction of my business.  Also, I get to work outside for, like, 80% of the day, so that’s pretty cool too.

I sell my products primarily online through my own website and Etsy.

Screen shop of Decker Rd Seeds Etsy Shop

I think it’s important to support designers/craftsmen/artists mainly because I don’t want those self-sufficient skills to die out!  Everything is so mechanically produced these days, and sometimes I worry that we’re going to forget how to do things by hand.  By offering seed kits, wildflower seeds, and gardening tools, I hope that I’m enticing more people to get outside and try growing stuff!


Thank you Whitney!

We love your kit and of course I couldn’t include an herb garden kit in  our box without growing one myself.

I’ve never had any luck growing my own herbs from seeds.  I’ve tried many, many times!

Here are some pictures from my own herb growing experience:

The Results…

We planted our seeds this past Tuesday (5/16) and by Saturday we started to see our first few Basil sprouts.  And today, the Basil’s still growing and we’ve added Dill and Chives to the list.

This was so much fun to do, especially with my son.  He loves running to the window and checking out the progress and he can’t wait to finally get to try these herbs.  My husband and I love to garden and miss having our own garden.  But we’re thankful for the small ways in which we can still get down to earth!

What about you?  What kind of flowers, vegetable or herbs do you enjoy growing in your garden?  Do you start from seeds?  Do you save your seeds to replant year after year?  What’s the most unique thing you’ve tried to grow…successfully or unsuccessfully?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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