What started out as a 2-day, twice a year event back in 2012, is now a living, breathing year-round retail boutique that features and promotes home goods, accessories, art and gifts of small, local and independent artists, designers and makers through our online storefront. The Hive seeks to stimulate the local small-business community by providing a place where their handmade items can be sold.

Handmade Hive is…Handmade! This means that all of our vendors hand-make and hand-craft the items that you see here. We don’t and won’t sell mass-produced, factory-produced, box-store items. Each of our artists takes extreme pride in the work that they create and are so happy to share it with you. What you’ll find is unique, one of a kind and sometimes even limited-editions of products. So if you see something that you like, go ahead and get it, because it might not be here when you come back!

Handmade Hive is…Local! At Handmade Hive, we take pride in supporting the local, American-made, small-business community of independent artists, designers, makers and crafters and are thrilled to be sharing these creations with you!

Handmade Hive is…An Online Marketplace! You’ll find that most of the items here are drop-shipping directly from each vendor and your products may be shipping from various locations and arrive in different packages and on different days, depending on if you purchase from multiply vendors. The ordering and shipping process will be seamless and you will get your packages delivered right to you door. That being said – we aren’t here to compete with other companies who offer 2 hour free shipping or 2 day free shipping. Our artists individually pack and ship their products, most of the time from their home studios, not a fulfillment warehouse, and need to be paid accordingly.

Handmade Hive is…Social! Please follow us on FACEBOOK, PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM to stay up to date!!

Handmade Hive is…Locally Owned and Operated! Courtney Doncevic, one of the original Queen Bees of the original Handmade Hive, is proud to be bring Handmade Hive back to life. From a very young age, Courtney knew she would grow up to be a designer-crafter-maker. She followed her passion for art and design all throughout middle and high school, ultimately graduating from Liberty University in 2004 with a BS in Family and Consumer Sciences – Interior Design Specialization. She has worked for a high-end interior design firm, a drapery company, a decorative home accent store, paint shop, kitchen and bath showroom and has been making her own creations and selling at various craft shows and now right here on Design Styles. While helping to plan and organize the original Handmade Hive with the other Queen Bees, Courtney developed a renewed sense of appreciation for the small business community of local artists and the uniqueness that each individual brought to the Hive. She is proud to be bringing back Handmade Hive through this online boutique and she trusts that you will enjoy the artists and their products as much as she does!



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